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About Us


- 享受慢活 -












Pursuit a Blissful Life Journey 

Sakae Lifestyle is an integrated online platform provides you the natural handmade handicraft and simple lifestyle products, we also conduct DIY workshop irregularly. A blissful life is just that easy to have!

Brand Story: 

Wing is the founder of Sakae Lifestyle, she loves on vary types of handicraft when she was young, simple as origami crafts,  3D Christmas cards, calligraphy etc. She feels blissful when her artworks recognized by others. She always imagine to have her own production brand in one day.

She did not touch on any handicraft project again when she grow up in her busy life, just like the passion was vanished. Luckily that she still loves the simple things, pursue for a simply life.

In 2017, she travelling in Japan Nagoya and pass through the station - Sakae Station, the Kanji "栄" (Romaji: Sakae) evoked all her youth life memories as friends love to call her "栄", it is the translation of English name Wing in Cantonese.

She was inspired by this word and decided to start with this Kanji combining her pursuit of simply life and the passion of natural materials handicraft to do something. Therefore Sakae Lifestyle established, it is an integrated platform providing handicraft products, DIY workshop as well as simply life products to enjoy a blissful journey with you.

Sakae is the Romaji of "栄“, this word us as surname or the name of place in Japanese. At the same time, the structure of the word "栄" contains wood, which also represents her love for wood.